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These UL DLC 3.0 rated LED light panels are both sleek and efficient. With an ultra-slim design and smooth, even lighting (no glare, flicker or hot spots), they're a great replacement for fluorescent fixtures and will start saving you money immediately. Produced for both home and commercial application, flat panel LED can also be used as a light table table for glass artists.


With a standard dimming option, LED panels are perfect for offices, schools, hospitals, conference and show rooms. Anywhere you want attractive and pleasing illumination.


    ✔ AVAILABLE SIZES: 1' X4' and 2' X 4' / Wattages: 40W, 50W, 72W.

    ✔ EXCELLENT PERFORMANCE: 5 year warranty rated lifespan of 50,000 hrs.

    ✔ QUICK AND EASY INSTALLATION: Multiple installation options available.

    ✔ HIGH PERFORMANCE: Smooth PMMA edge light front.

    ✔ DIMMABLE: Smooth dimming with compatible LED dimmers.


    • Accessories for suspended and surface mounting should be purchased separately

    LED Panel Light - Standard W Series

      • UL listed & DLC 3.0 W Series LED Light Panel
      • Sizes: 1X4, 2' X 2', 2X4
      • Dimmable 0-10 VDC
      • Non-Dimmable option
      • 12mm slim panel with white frame
      • Edge light, engraved PMMA LGP 3mm
      • 5000 to 7500 Lumens
      • Color Temps: 3000K, 4000K, 5000K, 6000K
      • CRI >80
      • 100-277 VAC input
      • Isolated Driver PF >0.95
      • Operation temp 40-104F
      • 5 year warranty
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